Friendly suggestion that we should pronounce KoS (Kings of Suburbia) as “chaos”.


Because, let’s be honest, we all know that’s what it’s going to be.

"Iubirea şi fericirea trebuie să devina o experienţă mult mai intimă."

-Exercitii de echilibru - Tudor Chirila (via ne-cuvinte)

"Ce repede şi usor se prăbuşeşte totul în viaţă."

-Exercitii de echilibru - Tudor Chirila (via ne-cuvinte)


Exercitii de echilibru - Tudor Chirila


I’m so tired, I feel that my brain is turning into a big crazy mess which I can’t control. I feel so alone, so misunderstood. Everyone says that they’re here for me, but in the end I’m all alone and forgotten, no one helps me in anyway, after I dedicate my time to help them.
Why is it so hard to mentain myself one of the best in my class? All this pressure pulls me down, all these exams are eroding every cell of life in my body. I feel lifeless. Just a walking body trying to follow the world.
My soul is dead, burring all the feelings in a cold ground. I can’t wait for endless peace, somewhere underground. Then I will feel alive for the first time.


If the band member you like gets in a relationship please remember;

  • it’s okay to be jealous 
  • it’s okay if it hurts
  • it’s okay if you don’t necessarily want them to be together

it’s okay

but what’s NOT okay is if

  • you tell the couple to break up
  • you throw yourself at them
  • you spread false, HURTFUL rumors
  • you send hate to their gf/bf or to the both of them


<b> Bill:</b> some are small, some are tall. some are born with it all, some are in it for the kill, some just do it for the thrill...<p><b>Me:</b> so are you talking about 'em sizes or... eh..?<p>


[Anonymous] said:
" Un Alien din Romania, omg miracol! <3 Nu credeam ca mai gasesc fani Tokio Hotel romani dupa ce a trecut valul emo :)) (care i-a pus din pacate intr-o lumina cam proasta la noi..) "

Omg si nu sunt doar eu! 😀 Bunaaa

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Georg: I miss good food
Tom: You don't have good food at home?
Georg: No.
Tom: Then I will come over and I will make you a good pasta
Georg: Awww


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